Indication of SEN, FSM, EAL, PP within register page.

1) Where: What:For any staff taking registers to be able to see an indication of which students are SEN, FSM, EAL, PP without having to go into the student profile.3) Why:please aim to include:Why are they doing that task?It is useful for staff, particularly those not familiar with a class, to see at a glance which students might need special attentionWhat task are they trying to accomplish but can’t?Supply staff are not able to quickly assess which students to keep an eye on.What do they currently have to do instead?Click into each students profile to see if whether the student has any additional needsHow does solving this problem add value to our users and to our business? All teachers would like to be able to see this information at a glance.How time critical is this problem? Not time criticalHow does solving this problem help us mitigate risks or open up new opportunities.Would be very popular with teachers in all secondary schools who teach many students a week.4) WhoAll teachers in all schools5) How:
  • Fiona Rose
  • Sep 22 2017
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