Aspire Academy Idea: Bulk repeat planned absences

1) Where:< The site URL impacted by the ticket > What:It would be good if there was a way to repeatedly select daily planned absences for example a student that is going to be absent everyday from 1-2:30pm for the next 5 weeks, instead of this being added manually for each day it would be good to have a bulk repeat section.  Example student at Aspire Academy Tom Jordan. 3) Why:please aim to include:Why are they doing that task?They would like to bulk repeat planned absences. What task are they trying to accomplish but can’t?They are logging repeated planned absences but have to manually add them for each day. What do they currently have to do instead?Manually add each repeated planned absence for each day. How does solving this problem add value to our users and to our business? (Do our users prefer it over other features? /Will it increase revenue? / How does it contribute to the sales funnel? / Does it align with company strategy?)It would make long term repeated planned absences easier to log if there was a bulk repeat section, it would reduce human error on forgetting to add each daily absence on a weekly basis. How time critical is this problem? (Is it needed due to a time critical issue (e.g. removal of levels / How will user business value decay over time / Will users wait for us or move elsewhere? / What is the impact on customer satisfaction? )It would make things easier and reduce human error. How does solving this problem help us mitigate risks or open up new opportunities. (What else will this do for our business? / Will it reduce risk of future deliver? / Will it bring valuable knowledge? / Will it enable new business opportunity? / Will it unblock other features?)Reduces human error. 4) Who
  • Aspire Lewis Thomas
  • Oct 30 2017
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