Daily chart of behaviour incidents.

1) Where: What:On the behaviour dash board, there is a nice graph for learning points totals and incident reports.We also want tutors to review with students daily. On the learning points tab there is the list of what points were awarded each day which is fine.  But is there any way of having a similar graph for the daily scores like the weekly ones as that would be better?3) Why:please aim to include:Why are they doing that task?
Would like to review behaviour daily
What task are they trying to accomplish but can’t?
Can see a list of daily points/incidents, but would like a visual chart
How does solving this problem add value to our users and to our business? 
We have quite a few AP schools. For these schools and for secondary schools in general it is useful to be able to quickly review student behaviour daily
How time critical is this problem? 
This is not time critical
How does solving this problem help us mitigate risks or open up new opportunities. 
School staff like to see visual graphics 
4) WhoForm tutors, SLT, teachers5) How:
  • Fiona Rose
  • Sep 19 2017
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