Hinderton School - Behavioural Notes and Behaviour Comments consistency

1) Where: 

2) What:
on a student profile, you can add 'Behavioural Notes' (screenshot 1), but when logged in as a parent, these are called 'Behaviour Comments' (screenshot 2). These should be called the same thing for consistency. 

3) Why:please aim to include:
Why are they doing that task? - They would like consistency, especially as they want to start using it, and will cause confusion.

What task are they trying to accomplish but can’t? - They want to go live with Behaviour comments, but the different names will cause confusion when showing it.

How does solving this problem add value to our users and to our business? - It links the same thing together, so people will not get confused over it.

4) Who
Teachers when discussing this with parents, and when the school go live with this feature with staff and parents.

5) How:
  • James Bennett
  • Oct 31 2017
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