Unclear information given in 'Information' box for parents paying for clubs in the parent portal

1) Where:Twynham - 
2) What is Happening?
When logged in as a parent using payments for clubs, the 'information' box (screenshot) does not give very clear information about the function.  As parents are using this, they will have no exposure to Arbor and the 'bulk action' this box refers to. Also in this screen, pressing cancel still signs the student up to the selected sessions,which is useful as parents want to have the option to pay later. However, it is in no way explained in this screen which is confusing.

3) What is the Expected functionality: Please can this box contain something useful which explains exactly how to use the bulk function and what this does.'Cancel' should also be changed to 'pay later' as they can already use the 'back' button to exit the signup anyway.

4) WhoAll parents

5) Why / Reason for Priority:Unclear for users. 
  • Katie Watkins
  • Nov 1 2017
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