Allow Report Cards to be downloaded as a Word document.

1) Where:
2) What:Can Report Cards be downloaded in Word document format, so that margins/layout can be adjusted to suit schools needs. 
3) Why:please aim to include:Why are they doing that task?Would like to increase top margin on Report Cards so that they can be printed on headed paper.
What task are they trying to accomplish but can’t?Printing reports on headed paper.
What do they currently have to do instead?Adjust heading on paper so that it is at the bottom rather than the top.
How does solving this problem add value to our users and to our business? Would increase flexibility for schools to adjust the layout of their report cards.How time critical is this problem? (Is it needed due to a time critical issue
Fairly time critical as schools are starting to print their first half-termly report cards.
How does solving this problem help us mitigate risks or open up new opportunities.Increases flexibility for all schools printing their report cards.
4) Who
5) How:
  • Fiona Rose
  • Oct 17 2017
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