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Where:Students > AssessmentsWhat:Please could you consider creating a new type of assessment, I'm thinking of it as an extended Ad Hoc assessment.It would be for recording the results of external tests that students sit e.g. GL Assessments, optional SATS, recording attainment of things like GCSEs when they were taken prior to entering a sixth form.So the requirement would be to be able to create the assessment (called something like External Assessment?)Select how many columns of results are required and name those columnsAssign it to a group of students or single studentsSelect/create marking scales as we currently doIdeally be able to import results from a spreadsheetBe able to export the results, preferably from Custom Report writerAbility to bulk mark would be great but not essentialThere's no real need to be able to do any reporting or analysis on it other than what already exists for ad-hoc assessments. It's really more of a vehicle for recording information than tracking progress.I've added a few mocked-up screenshots.Why:This would allow schools to record the results of external assessments. We have a lot of schools who ask about this, particularly in relation to GL assessments, if we developed this flexible option it could be used for a lot of different type of assessments and would remove the need for us to create templates for them to use, we could just let them create their own.Who:This would be really useful for a lot of schools who do external testing and wish to record the results in ArborHow:What Next:Thanks,Karrie

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  • Karrie Alexander
  • Nov 1 2017
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