Credit/Debits on student login profile

Would it be possible to show the total number of credits and debits individually on the student login profiles?
Currently our students see an overall total ie the sum of credits – debits, but this doesn’t give them an indication of increases in either individually.
It would support our pastoral system if this could be added to the student (and parent) view.
We ask students to record these weekly – at the moment it requires staff to go through these individually which is not efficient use of time.

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*** MAKE SURE ALL IDEAS ARE LINKED TO AHA FROM ZENDESK. DELETE THIS TEXT AFTER YOU HAVE LINKED THE TICKET TO AHA ***1) Where: 2) What:For students to be able to view a breakdown of their total behaviour credits and debits and for parents to be able to view this via the parent view. 3) Why: please aim to include: It will support the pastoral team when looking at behaviour for individual students and it would help parents to have a breakdown for their child's behaviour via the student profile route. Why are they doing that task?It would support the pastoral team and parents better access student behaviour via the student profile/parent view.What task are they trying to accomplish but can’t?
What do they currently have to do instead?Currently students can only see their total number of behaviour credits and debits. How does solving this problem add value to our users and to our business? (Do our users prefer it over other features? /Will it increase revenue? / How does it contribute to the sales funnel? / Does it align with company strategy?)It will allow students to have a better insight into what lessons they are receiving credits and debits for. How time critical is this problem? (Is it needed due to a time critical issue (e.g. removal of levels / How will user business value decay over time / Will users wait for us or move elsewhere? / What is the impact on customer satisfaction? )No time frame specified. How does solving this problem help us mitigate risks or open up new opportunities. (What else will this do for our business? / Will it reduce risk of future deliver? / Will it bring valuable knowledge? / Will it enable new business opportunity? / Will it unblock other features?)It will make for ease of use for both parents and pastoral team when addressing behaviour. 4) WhoPastrol team5) How:
  • Paul Quinn
  • Sep 18 2017
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