Consider having an icon to show there is an attached file

**I'm re-submitting this, I've no idea if the original Aha! link still exists and I think it's a nice mirco-improvement

1) Where:

2) What:
Consider introducing an icon (paperclip?) to depict where a file is attached to any flyover in the UI.

3) Why:
Schools frequently mention that it's not obvious when there's a file attached to parts of the UI in Arbor.
Specifically the student profile.
For example here:
I've attached a file to the academic note.
But there's no indication from the UI that attachment exists. (screenshot)
It's the same in lots of places such as SEN/behaviour/pastoral notes
This means a staff member has to click into each flyover to try and find relevant files if they have been uploaded - this is time consuming and frustrating.

4) Who
Raised by the DM at Wakefield but would be a great improvement for all schools.

5) How:
Add a paperclip icon to UI whenever there's an attachment to that record?


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  • Karrie Alexander
  • Oct 6 2017
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