Order Qualifications and Checks Chronologically on Staff Profiles.

*Where?* - St.Nicholas - Blackpool.- Staff profile example - *What?* - To have the Qualifications and Checks area, ordered chronologically. - At the moment it's just a plane list, with no indication of when each item was added, therefore it's not actually that helpful to SLT, who are interested in the order of the training/ when the training was was added to the staff members profile/ if possible, when the staff member actually attended that training course.- I'll attach a screenshot of a real teachers profile, who has attended a few training courses.*Why?*- It would be better to have the list ordered from oldest to newest or vice versa. It will allow for staff to have a timeline of events, which helps SLT when looking at a staff members profile and determining whether they need any refresher training / what they should do next.I hope the above information helps, If you'd like to discuss anything please feel free to ping me or ask via the ticket.

  • Tracey Potts
  • Oct 24 2017
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