Historic Student Home Addresses

Where : : School has added a new address when students moved home. School very frustrated that they cannot view historic student home addresses. School needs access to this, as many of their students rent, and move frequently. Schools with social care need audit trail of addresses. If other agencies are involved they need to be able to access students previous addresses.Why : School needs to  have view of previous home addresses - this is an "essential" for schoolWho : St MarysHow : School would like to be able to see previous addresses, in a similar format to they can view "Education History"Marking as "High" as it is an essential for school.What Next : Kindly review this and advise when available.Many thanksHeather

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The Aha! Idea has changed status to Needs review.

I am adding IOM to this as they have recently to be able to see historic addresses on the student profile.This is now visible in CRW, but they would also like this visible on the student profile.
  • Heather Lindley
  • Nov 1 2017
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