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1) Where: What:*School want the ability to have the data collection sheets for staff as we as students*When inputting data on the 'other section' of the student profile for Admissions.Data is entered and the screen goes back to the beginning and you have to go back down to other (or type other). This task now takes 50% longer than SIMS when doing admissions. Not happy about this.3) Why:please aim to include:
Staff Data collection sheets - For missing information in staff profiles. Quick way to print these off (like the student ones) and pass to staff to update information
Admissions data input. They have to do this on a regular basis and it now takes 50% more time in Arbor than it did in SIMS. 
They have to go back to the start and then back to 'other' to input the information
Customer satisfaction. They are comparing to SIMS and Arbor is not as quick. Changing this would save teachers and staff more time and improve service for them

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  • Sep 28 2017
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